Telemarketing Training

Telemarketing Training

…the Teleopen Way™ (An eLearning System)

Do you need to open the doors to more senior decision-makers so that they will listen and take action? Then you need the TeleopenWay, innovative telemarketing training to generate leads and close deals by phone.

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Can you relate to the following statements?

“I feel very uncomfortable about making new business development calls from ‘cold’ to senior directors.”

“Once I am in front of a board level director, I feel very confident about the value we can bring to their business. The problem is getting there!”

“Tough market conditions and finding ourselves head to head with the competition means that we must move our new business development process to board level.”

“We all seem to be incredibly busy in our sales and marketing departments, but the activity over the phone and in our marketing campaigns is simply not producing the results we need. I believe we need to build a greater awareness of how we are engaging over the phone in terms of our communication style as well how we are presenting ourselves in our message as a whole.”

David Festenstein of Teleopen Ltd brings 20 years experience to an approach, “The Teleopen Way,” which helps open doors to senior directors by use of the phone and email. He has developed it into easy to follow modules so you too can adopt his strategies and make them work for your business.

*** Read the TeleopenWay Review in Training Journal ***

“The Teleopen Way” is an innovative telesales approach that will train you to:

  • Feel that you are not “cold calling” senior decision-makers!
  • Reduce the number of calls you have to make to gain access to your target executives.
  • Transform the PAs from “gate-keepers” to “gate-openers.”
  • Use email to set up the meetings for you.
  • Establish a few sentences that will make immediate impact on your target executives.
  • Reduce the time wasted in travelling to face to face meetings and ensure they are properly qualified.

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This tried and tested new business development approach breaks down into seven easy-to-follow t u t o r i a l modules which use video, audio and text files.

Telephone Skills Modules include:

  • The Teleopen way
  • Finding your way
  • Preparing your first call
  • Making friends with the PAs
  • Engaging writing
  • Befriending executives
  • Reflecting on your meeting

This downloadable program can be played directly from your PC or burned to a CD for extra portability.

Teleopen Way elearning system to improve telephone selling skills

Screengrabs from the Teleopen Way e-Learning System

Requires Adobe Flash (common on most systems) to operate.

*** Read the TeleopenWay Review in Training Journal ***

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The Teleopen Way training program in its original CD format sold for £250. In this digital only format we’re pleased to be able to reduce the price to only £67, a £183 savings.

Purchasing “The Teleopen Way” telemarketing training program is easy. Simply click the Buy Now button below and you’ll be directed to a secure Paypal Order Page. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be directed to a fulfillment page with instructions to download your product.

If you’re interested in licensing the Telephone Way for your department or organization, please call us on 01923 663275 or email us at to discuss available options.


Teleopen Way E-Learning System … £67


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