Teleopen LTD offers packaged and custom telemarketing training to serve the needs of your organisations telesales professionals.

We can provide soup-to-nuts telemarketing programmes that provide thorough coverage of all your telephone skills development needs or we can focus on just those individual areas in your telephone selling operation that need attention or development.

Take at look at the telephone skills development topics we can cover and contact us to discuss your specific telephone training needs. To maximize training success and assure rapid implementation and return on your sales training investment, we recommend implementing a programme of coaching as a follow on to the sales training offered. Take a look at our Telemarketing/Telesales Coaching for more details.

Example Telephone Sales Training modules

Sales Call Preparation:

  • Research – to get the “valid business reason” or “valid listening reason” to start the conversation from cold.
  • Perceptual positions exercise: If you stood in the executive’s shoes –would you listen to you!
  • How to mentally prepare a call –see the call route, hear it, does it feel comfortable?
  • Use of mind maps to prepare the whole call route.

Making the Marketing Call:


  • Getting into the right state and establishing the right mental focus for the get the best possible outcomes for the call
  • Initiating the call from cold –the first 30 seconds!
  • Keeping the call going, reading voice tone and acknowledging the changes
  • Working with the power of delivery –voice tone, volume  speed, energy-syncing with the other person’s delivery style:  this can make up 70%of the impact of the call

Watch your language and theirs!

  • How we process differently: visually auditory and kinaesthetically – visual people often dislike or feel most uncomfortable with the phone as they cannot “see” the other person. Helping them to compensate for this.
  • Different thinking styles: e.g. detail versus big picture, doing the same versus doing things differently, motivated towards a goal rather than away from a problem
  • Listening out
  • for the client’s specific metaphors e.g. roller coasters, brick walls, and then work with them.

Dealing with Voicemail, Gatekeepers, Rejection and other blocks to sales success:

  • Voicemail, matching the style of the delivery of the message to get calls returned
  • “Gatekeepers” –PA  how to transform them into “Gate-Openers”
  • Rejection:  reframing of “no’s” –one step closer to a yes!
  • How to deal  with getting down with the process –How to change your state after rejection

How to Create Effective Emails to get Telephone Meetings/meetings

  • How to work with CEO’s PA to get referrals and necessary contact info
  • How to write the email –provide templates that get prompt responses

Use Telephone Meetings; Save Hours of Prospecting Time!

  • Always ask for small windows of time often much large time slots are granted!
  • Reconfirm with agenda and other necessary documentation
  • Run perceptual position exercise –If I was in their shoes what would I want to see hear feel?
  • Record if necessary and adhere to Ofcom regulations.

Training can increase your telemarketing departments success

Recording & Measurement for Telephone Sales Success:

  • Recording of calls metrics. CRM system?
  • Noticing use of certain language patterns and recording these in the notes of the CRM system, so they can use these in future conversations.
  • Recording of calls to notice what works and what does not, what do you need to do differently next time?