Does your organisation use the telephone to generate leads, move the sales process along and close deals? Is your lead pipeline full; sales cycle manageable; and your closing rate high? Are you satisfied with the performance with the performance of your telemarketing or telesales teams?

We consult with corporates large and small on improving the outcomes from their telephone selling efforts. A summary of our formal telesales consulting programmes include:

Telephone Skills Improvement Audit

A telephone skills improvement audit of your field/ internal sales force along with follow up telephone skills training enables your telemarketing staff to establish a greater awareness of how they communicate using the phone. We use telephone recording and monitoring equipment to identify areas where communication or listening skills are weak and provide the necessary tools and techniques to improve them. The telesales audit can benefit your organisation in several ways:

  • Close more business by phone thereby reducing the need for, and expense of, face-to-face meetings.
  • Increase the incidence of senior director contact and improve sales forecast confidence as a result of buying committee involvement early on.
  • Increase sales closing rate of meetings and or “desired next steps” over the phone.
  • Generate more returned calls due to more effective use of voicemail.
  • Transform director’s personal assistants into “gate openers” rather than “gate-keepers” by establish better rapport and higher levels of trust.
  • Reduce “call reluctance’ by mitigating common fears associated with using the telephone to generate business.

Improve the Research Process for New Sales Prospects

The heart of the Telesales process is to replace cold calling with conversation starting. What this requires is proper preparation before you pick up the phone to dial that first sales call.

We’ll work with your organisation to identify:

  • The right prospects for your organisation – and where to find them.
  • The directors who will be most receptive to your message.
  • The valid business reasons behind your sales calling efforts.
  • The date you need to turn your cold calls into warm calls into conversations and sales.
  • The research that will get you a director level response from your emails or faxes.

Develop Internal Sales & Lead Generation Departments

Your organisation needs to generate executive-sponsored sales leads, we’ll work with you to establish the business units that will make this happen. Using our appoach, we…

  • conduct interviews with your key executives and programme stakeholders to fully understand your business.
  • run one or more pilot programmes focused on key accounts and demonstrate that the Telesales approach works!
  • recruit an internal sales manger to lead the unit.
  • establish benchmarks, monitor and adjust telesales programme outcomes from a process and communication standpoint.
  • recruit and train the right telesales and telemarketing staff and oversee broader rollout of the telesales method within the unit.
Contact us if you’re interested in how our consulting services can improve your telephone sales initiatives.