Cold calling doesn’t work. “Starting conversations from cold” does. Our mission is to¬† provide telesales training, coaching and consulting to our clients that shows them how to generate high value deals while shortening the sales cycle by as much as 75%.

Rather than the typical 60 call a day “spray and pray” approach, we show our clients how to implement the concept of a “telephone meeting” to improve prospect engagement and telesales process effectiveness.

The focus of the telesales methodology is to help organisations make better use of the phone, as a business tool, rather than an ad-hoc communication device. To this end, I use the concept of a telephone meeting to help clients get the same outcomes from a face to face meeting, without sacrificing the time and cost which is normally required.

Teleopen Way Telesales Methodology


Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

In addition to the telemarketing/telesales training and coaching, I have applied my expertise to a call centre environment and helped improve the turnover in sales by 150% while increasing overall call centre productivity. In parallel, I have trained as a communication specialist in NLP, and as a coach. I use these skills in both training and coaching to help new and veteran telemarketers alike deal with issues of call reluctance and fear of rejection.

Our Passion – Your Telephone Success

My passion is to help everyone use the phone in the most effective way to attain their goals, ambitions and dreams — not to mention sales quotas! –and help remove any inner blocks which may stand in the way of telephone success.

I started out in a subsidiary of the large IT Services Group, Cap Gemini, but since then have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from independent management consultants, large accounting firms and a billion dollar Software Company.

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