Our Approach

Our Approach

Which would you rather do when using the phone to generate leads; make a cold call or start a conversation? The answer seems obvious…

Our field-tested approach to telesales shows you how to start conversations from cold rather than cold call.

The result is obvious too. You’ll find you’re able to generate more interest and close more deals with a higher value and in a shorter period of time? Why, because business is built on relationships and it’s easier to start a relationship with a conversation than with a cold call.

The Teleopen Ltd. telesales methodology is based on 20 years of successfully implementing telephone-based business development projects that use the phone to get to very senior level people in large corporates to win large deals.

We show organisations how to make better use of the phone, as a business tool, rather than an ad-hoc communication device. We use the concept of a telephone meeting to help clients get the same outcomes from a face-to-face meeting, without sacrificing the time and cost which is normally required.

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