Swimming Towards a Goal

Swimming Towards a Goal

How can embarking on an exercise routine improve our telephone selling skills? I was surprised to find that the lessons I learned in implementing a fitness regimen are directly applicable to improving your telemarketing fitness. Let me explain… I recently started swimming training, some of the exercises I have to do, are various kicking exercises with floats. With some of these exercises, I feel I am really slow. If I look at my goal to get to the end of the pool, I feel I am not getting there at all. In fact I start to get frustrated and want to give up. I realise a better strategy is to look at the side of the swimming pool, I can then see that I am actually moving albeit very slowly towards my goal. This of course makes me feel better and makes me realise that I will get there in the end. As I work on these exercises I now realise that I am improving my speed and getting to the end faster.

Goals are Critical

It made me reflect on how we measure ourselves in getting to our goals in general. How often do we want to reach the goal right now! And get frustrated that we are not there now!

So being measured, pacing oneself and calibration is so critical in this process. “Small steps” or small measurable chunks is what we should do in driving towards our goal. That way we feel good firstly about what we are doing and secondly in the progress we are making in getting there.

The Lesson for Telesales

This of course applies so often to the phone and telesales or appointment making. So much stress and frustration comes out of using the phone to get more business because we want to have the sale or appointment right now. Or our management are critical that there are not enough sales or appointments right now! If we have set up the processes correctly and we know our metrics, then we will know that we are on track for the next sale or appointment. This always reminds me of a training/coaching programme that I worked on years ago in a call centre, when they knew the product they were selling had only a 2% success rate. in other words, they needed 98 rejections in order to get 2 sales. So I encouraged them to count the “nos” so they knew they were getting closer to that rare “yes”.

So how about your goals, how are you currently measuring to how close you are getting to them?

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