Phone Guru David Festenstein helps organizations improve generate leads by phone.As a phone guru, David Festenstein draws from his 20 years’ experience in business development through telemarketing to explain how to “start conversations from cold” with senior executives, using the telephone. These conversations are critical in building your network, getting new business and making your next career move.

David helps telemarketers overcome call reluctance and other factors that stop us from making calls in the first place. He’s an expert on how to convert “gate-keepers” to “gate openers” as well as creating voicemails that get returned. David’s innovate telephone sales methods are based on his success in generating leads for major corporates and provide practical, actionable  tools and techniques. David helps his clients “open the executives door” and supercharges the telephone as a business tool “to make every call count”.

Profile of a Telesales Expert

David started his career using his linguistic skills and later trained as a Communication Specialist in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). At the time, he was working for a subsidiary of the large IT services group, Cap-Gemini, in a new business development role, using the telephone. In the course of his communication studies he discovered he had a model of “how to open doors to senior decision-makers to generate high value deals”. On the strength of this, he set up Teleopen Ltd in 2000 and since then has trained a wide range of clients, ranging from independent management consultants, large accounting firms and a broad spectrum of software firms.

In August of 2008, David’s communication specialist training really came into its own when he had a stroke–brain haemorrhage which paralysed his right side and left him unable to walk. He used these skills to help him, not only deal with the event but to drive and support his recovery process. As a result of his great recovery, he now speaks at Medical Conferences and runs workshops on his recovery model, with health professionals, as part of giving back his gift of recovery.

David’s Vision

Based on his work in using the phone to develop business for large corporate clients, David is also now beginning to realise a long held vision of bringing his communication work, particularly around the telephone, to key business schools and would like to see his model used widely by students, as a whole, to help secure their first career post. In a world where texting and social media status updates are replacing human contact, he believes that the ability to use the phone to effectively engage your target audience provides a great advantage at every level.